The product range of QUINIMAR includes:
- Polymers for fast light fixation (shallow bases) on airport pavement runways and taxiways;
- Polymers for sealing joints in concrete slabs and for sealing of various wiring saw cuts;
- Fiberglass geogrids for reinforcement of airport runways, taxiways and road pavements;
- Fabrics for soil reinforcement, embankments, slopes and for maritime, coastal, underwater protection, etc.

QuiniResin® Airport is a structural polymer applicable for fast-fixing of shallow bases on airports runways.

QuiniResin® Airport Flex is a rigid and flexible polymer for the sealing of joints and saw cuts in runways.

QuiniRoad® fiberglass geogrids are used for anti-cracking reinforcement in airport runways and taxi-ways.


QUINIMAR also has several trademarks of geosynthetics products and polymers for work construction.

QuiniResin® Airport
Products that complies with the standard
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
in just 1 HOUR!

QUINIMAR Project Division will give you all the support you need to prepare your project, will optimize your construction with the best technical solution and also provide on-site support when requested.